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As you maximize your profits with us, you lift thousands of lives out of poverty.

Meet our agents who moved up the socioeconomic ladder because of their employment.

Humans of FTO: Juhnly

Go-getter Power Agent



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To control their time and to avoid traffic, Filipinos invest in motorcycles. The price of brand-new motorcycles ranges from Php30,000 to a hundred thousand. The minimum wage in the Philippines is Php 8,030. Most minimum-wage earners prefer a second-hand motorcycle since it has a lower price and some get a brand new motorcycle through loans.


Filipinos are fond of watching teleseryes (a television soap opera in the Philippines). A survey from Statista shows that 93% of people in the Philippines preferred watching television shows and movies at home on TV. Television prices range from Php5000.

Back in the City of Smiles, Juhnly used to be a sales representative at a popular mall. He got paid the minimum wage for an increasingly heavy workload. With the rising inflation, his pay wasn’t enough for his family’s needs.

He knew he had to find a company that paid and offered better benefits. So, he ventured into Iloilo City carrying with him his dream to make his and his family’s lives better.

He applied at Fair Trade OutsourcingTM, and thankfully he got hired. He’s been working at FTO for two years now. Whenever the company offers a new program that can impact the lives of its employees, Juhnly never let an opportunity pass. He knows these programs can make his life better, and he has never been wrong.

Last February 2019, FTO opened a new program, a free Directed English Training class for employees. Juhnly wants to improve his English skills and feel confident when speaking in English. So, he enrolled himself in the class. He stepped up a level and got a one-thousand-pesos increase in his monthly salary for leveling up his English skills.

Juhnly lives in a small town outside the city limits, exactly 20.3 kilometers away from the office. Every day, he has to be ready by 8 pm to catch the last bus going to the city, even though his shift starts at 1 am. Then, he tries to continue his fragmented sleep at the office.

He can’t afford to be late and he can’t afford to purchase something that will help him avoid this inconvenience in his everyday life. That’s been his uneasy routine until FTO started a new program called Motors for Progress, a zero-interest microloan for a motorcycle purchase.

Juhnly was beyond grateful for the opportunity. He applied for a loan and got approved quickly. Now that he has a motorcycle, he can have greater control of his time. He can enjoy undisturbed sleep at home and he can get ready for work just in time.

Recently, when a new position with a higher pay opened, Juhnly applied and got hired.

“FTO is my bread and butter. I am very thankful to be part of this family and it’s really motivating since it helped us all not just to survive but also to grow, learn more, and work in a professional environment.

The culture at FTO gives us meaning. It pushes us to be the best that we can be. The growth of one is the growth of all.

Along with my family, I know that FTO is an answered prayer”

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