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Creative MC is a global branding company that supplies cutting edge
promotional merchandise to more than 1,000 leading corporate brands.

Before FTO

Creating proofs takes significant time – and the must be super precise. Designers must take into account a multitude of considerations. Exact hues or tints must be used and some designs require foiling, embossing or die-cutting, which must be visible in the pre-print proof.

FTO Solutions

FTO onboarded a team of experienced designers who fully understood the intricacies of Creative MC’s design work - to include everything from hues and tinting to lighting considerations.

FTO agents were provided with a paid Adobe subscription along with high-powered computers to display colors as accurately as possible. The FTO agents also used special high-definition monitors, which guaranteed all colors would display correctly and ensured all designs would look perfect when displayed on cups, mugs, t-shirts, ball caps etc.

The result: Better and more accurate design proofs.

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The FTO team produced incredibly accurate proofs, allowing us to better serve clients!"

"The accuracy of a design proof the heart of a successful project. A flawed proof can lead to a flawed design, which in turn can lead to costly mistakes and wasted time. The FTO design team fully understood this and were deeply committed to producing great work."

Top staff, dedicated to your success

Our people become your people. FTO's award-winning call centers help teams get more done in these areas:

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By phone, email, chat or  text — our agents resolve 98% of customer calls on first contact. 

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Billing, payments, bookkeeping, data entry, transcription and insurance claim processing with the  industry’s lowest error rate (<0.6% on average).

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Lead generation, appointment setting, and related data entry can help your sales team connect with qualified leads.

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Technical support for customers or employees, with an option to refer complex issues to a US-based call center.

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Claims processing and management, including filling missing information, data validation, and justification


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