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Back-Office Support

Saving time on a lengthy business process

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How FTO Helps

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Spyglass Appraisal is a real estate appraiser whose clients include realtors, property valuation services, banks, and lenders. Spyglass’ sole purpose is to make the modern day appraiser more efficient.

Before FTO

Time is always of the essence.The challenge: it took 2 to 3 hours for an agent to complete a report. Quality audits - which take significant time - are also required as part of this process to ensure the report can withstand scrutiny. Simply put, the whole process needed to be optimized.

FTO Solutions

The FTO and Spyglass teams put their heads together.

They agreed the time it takes to gather all pertinent information and assemble an appraisal report seemed arduous. But, by collaborating, the team was able to identify parts of the business process Spyglass Appraisal could shorten and save time on. They also instituted a cap on the reports they can product in a month, which ensures all appraisals are appropriately detailed and 100 percent accurate.

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Spyglass Appraisal

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Working with FTO is an opportunity to collaborate with a company that values innovation, teamwork, and efficiency."

Shortening this process not only saves time and money, but it also brings incredible value to our business, which highly values efficiency."

Top staff, dedicated to your success

Our people become your people. FTO's award-winning call centers help teams get more done in these areas:

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By phone, email, chat or  text — our agents resolve 98% of customer calls on first contact. 

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Billing, payments, bookkeeping, data entry, transcription and insurance claim processing with the  industry’s lowest error rate (<0.6% on average).

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Lead generation, appointment setting, and related data entry can help your sales team connect with qualified leads.

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Technical support for customers or employees, with an option to refer complex issues to a US-based call center.

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Claims processing and management, including filling missing information, data validation, and justification


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