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Remotely Proctoring 400,000+ Exams a Year

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How FTO Helps

Higher Education



FTO employees


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Error rate


Total attrition
(well below the industry average of 12%)


ProctorU, an online proctoring service that allows students to take exams online while ensuring test integrity, currently works with more than 1,000 academic institutions. The organization teamed up with FTO to provide live proctors to remotely administer in-home exams, such as school admission tests. All FTO staff were specially trained to detect signs of cheating - and could stop the exam if they encountered them.

Before FTO

ProctorU was suffering from high error rates during peak test taking months, as proctors were assigned multiple sessions to oversee at once. Proctors had to work overtime with erratic schedules to accommodate the influx of test takers, which stretched them too thin and negatively impacted morale.

FTO Solutions

Scaling with seasonal workforce: The FTO team quickly ramped up to assist during peak test-taking season.

The result: fewer mistakes (only 0.61%) and a more seamless experience for students - who didn’t have to wait to take an exam.

Cross-trained agents: A team of FTO proctors were assigned flexible roles. All were trained as both ‘launchers’ and ’ watchers,’ which meant they could - and will continue to - fill in whenever full-time proctors are unavailable or need time off.

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Steve Morgan

Vice of Operations


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The FTO agents were super quick learners who helped us when we needed it most."

By partnering with FTO we were able to ease tensions and waiting times during one of the busiest times of the year. All the FTO agents were super quick learners who helped us when we needed it most.

Top staff, dedicated to your success

Our people become your people. FTO's award-winning call centers help teams get more done in these areas:

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By phone, email, chat or  text — our agents resolve 98% of customer calls on first contact. 

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Billing, payments, bookkeeping, data entry, transcription and insurance claim processing with the  industry’s lowest error rate (<0.6% on average).

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Lead generation, appointment setting, and related data entry can help your sales team connect with qualified leads.

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Technical support for customers or employees, with an option to refer complex issues to a US-based call center.

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Claims processing and management, including filling missing information, data validation, and justification


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