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English Proficiency Assessment

Every company has different needs, including the level of English proficiency in the workplace. 

At FTO, we can help you choose a team with the right level of English proficiency to deliver excellent customer service and drive optimal  outcomes. Our teams in the Philippines, Mexico, and Ghana have slightly different proficiency levels, and we created these videos to help you decide what location and team may be the best fit.

Proficiency level


Proficiency level


Proficiency level


Proficiency level


Assessment levels


All beginner employees score less than 80% on the benchmark exam and can comprehend and produce simple sentences on familiar topics. Their vocabulary is often less than 16,000 words, but they are stronger at writing than speaking, and often have a strong accent.


Our junior employees have an average of 80%-86% on the benchmark exam. They have sufficient vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills, and can carry out many conversations. Their vocabulary is slightly wider than a beginner, with up to 17,200 words. Juniors also speak more fluently than a beginner and have a slight accent. They can make some errors, however are able to write in near-perfect English.


All mid-level employees have an average of 87%-93% rating on the benchmark exam and can comprehend paragraph-level language in different time frames. They also have a much wider vocabulary, with up to 18,600 words. Our mid-level teams also confidently speak fluent English and can carry on casual conversations with a slight accent.


Our senior employees achieve an average 94%-100% rating on the benchmark exam and can produce discourse-level language with a variety of vocabulary and grammatical elements. Their vocabulary is very wide, with up to 20,000 words and they speak like someone who has lived in the US. Their accent is typically neutral or negligible, and they are very comfortable interacting.

How We Assess Our Agents

We analyze our agents’ English proficiency level and other core competencies through a variety of activities and programs. We then best align our agents to your company’s requirements and expectations. By assessing our agents, it helps them identify areas for improvement and establishes a clear career path, while allowing them to work with the right team.

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English proficiency

The English proficiency level comes down to managing customer interactions effectively, with the goal of improving business relationships. Our agents can seamlessly manage expectations and meetings, the value of work and provide feedback.

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Computer skills

Our team has great computer skills and can efficiently utilize technology to enhance back-office processes and deliver better customer service. 

All agents have internet access, email, word processing, spreadsheets and computer software and hardware.

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Customer service

We ensure every agent delivers high customer satisfaction.

Understanding the level of customer service required, its forms and techniques is a pinnacle of our employee training and development.

Group 187.png

Client management

Our employees can effectively manage client interactions, improve business relationships and exceed expectations. 

Our teams provide data and reporting, and are committed to improving client management outcomes.

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Critical thinking

We ensure our agents can make reasonable, logical and well-thought out judgments.

Clarity, accuracy, information relevance, assumptions and limitations are also our employee’s critical skills.

Our agents continually improve, and we match their skills to the work they're best suited for.

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Our unique learning management system enables agents to take on higher level work and progress in their lives.


Free, gamified learning with peer support

Achievement synced to pay

Achievement synced new opportunities

Significant personal and economic growth

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