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Resolving nearly 12k customer service tickets

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Culture Fly is a monthly subscription service that sends pop culture
fans a gift box filled with exclusive fandom-inspired collectibles, such
as toy figures, caps, mugs, t-shirts and home wares.

Before FTO

When customers encounter problems, they expect a prompt response to emails and chats. Culturefly aims to deliver – and their agents also handle address changes, returns and refunds. However, their SaaS platform had limitations. It created a unique ticket for each reply, meaning a long (and confusing) thread of replies and more phone calls to iron out details.

FTO Solutions

To keep track of these lengthy, multi-thread issues, FTO’s Culturefly agents implemented a process in which they took note of the ticket IDs and ensured adjoining tickets were cut down to two at most.

The result: Increased efficiency in tracking down - and solving - tickets. This also improved customer experience because it cut down the time they waited for issue resolution.

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Loved working with the team!"

Partnering with FTO was the key to unlocking efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service. By leveraging FTO’s expertise, we were able to streamline our processes and reduce customer wait times.”

Top staff, dedicated to your success

Our people become your people. FTO's award-winning call centers help teams get more done in these areas:

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By phone, email, chat or  text — our agents resolve 98% of customer calls on first contact. 

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Billing, payments, bookkeeping, data entry, transcription and insurance claim processing with the  industry’s lowest error rate (<0.6% on average).

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Lead generation, appointment setting, and related data entry can help your sales team connect with qualified leads.

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Technical support for customers or employees, with an option to refer complex issues to a US-based call center.

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Claims processing and management, including filling missing information, data validation, and justification


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