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Community Dental Partners (CDP) is a rapidly growing dental office needing a partner to help with dental billing and claims processing. With supply and labor costs on the rise, and insurance covering only a portion of dental services, outsourcing this work became increasingly necessary. They sought a partner who could offer comprehensive training, high-performing agents with low absenteeism and error rates, and detailed reporting and accountability for agent performance.

Before FTO

A dental office's success heavily relies on the efficiency of its administrative staff, especially in billing and claims processing. This is why CDP began to outsource its dental billing services needing the hiring process to ensure that only high-performing agents with low absenteeism and low error rates are selected.

FTO Solutions

Initially, three agents were hired and trained to use a remote desktop to access CDP's dental billing system. The custom approach enabled the rapid onboarding of new agents to match CDP's aggressive growth plan. And a dedicated trainer was also hired, this person condensed the proprietary training program to a one-week-per-code for dental billing agents and a five-month module for complex insurance claims processing, including rigorous testing.

FTO's partnership with CDP has resulted in a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and dental billing FTO's partnership with CDP has resulted in a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and dental billing accuracy; all through lower agent attrition, absences, and data errors than previously outsourced vendors.

The relationship has been so successful that CDP has expanded the partnership to include more than 70 FTO agents who consistently meet monthly deadlines and quotas across nine CDP support functions

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Humberto Romero

Billing and Credentialling Director

Community Dental Partners

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Teamwork is a critical aspect of business relationship"

Learning how to work with others and inspiring those around you to work as a team promotes healthy, lasting professional relationships.This has been my experience since partnering with Fair Trade Outsourcing and its talented staff.

Top staff, dedicated to your success

Our people become your people. FTO's award-winning call centers help teams get more done in these areas:

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By phone, email, chat or  text — our agents resolve 98% of customer calls on first contact. 

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Billing, payments, bookkeeping, data entry, transcription and insurance claim processing with the  industry’s lowest error rate (<0.6% on average).

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Lead generation, appointment setting, and related data entry can help your sales team connect with qualified leads.

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Technical support for customers or employees, with an option to refer complex issues to a US-based call center.

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Claims processing and management, including filling missing information, data validation, and justification


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