The Agent Bill of Rights

Published by Fair Trade Outsourcing on January 20, 2022

We are only successful together — capital and labor. We need a new way of working together — a new social contract to help us achieve our own new harmony. We call that contract the “Agent Bill of Rights.” 1. AS LONG AS WE HAVE BUSINESS, YOU HAVE A JOB. Read more…


PACE and FTO Partner to Bring You a Timely Webinar

How Fair Trade Outsourcing successfully managed to overcome the challenges of a crisis will be the main topic of this webinar, which was organized by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement or PACE and would be presented by Mike Dershowitz himself. In this webinar, you’ll learn how his company’s business model has set a new standard for successful scalability and the positive impact it made on its employees and the community in general.

Fair Trade Outsourcing Accelerates Growth with Expansion to Mexico

Fair Trade Outsourcing Accelerates Growth with Expansion to Mexico!

In addition to the corporate headquarters onshore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the new service delivery center in Mexico will offer the capacity for up to 420 jobs to serve nearshore accounts while also accommodating current client growth and providing new opportunities for servicing emerging markets.

As the second-largest city in Mexico with a population of nearly 1.5 million, Guadalajara, Mexico was chosen for the expansion site because of its large, educated population and the ease of doing business with folks who are already familiar with American culture. Fair Trade Outsourcing is excited to introduce its unique economic system for managing labor while delivering superior results for global clients.

TRANSCRIPT: Living Wage vs Market Wage: Pros, Cons, Whys & Hows for Contact Center Managers

Here’s the transcript of the CallTalk podcast of the same title with host, Bruce Belfiore of, and guest, Mike Dershowitz, CEO and founder of Fair Trade Outsourcing, discussing the difference between living wages and market wages, and the human and political elements that push for a “living wage” compensation. Read more…