SMS Support for TCPA Compliance

Text messaging takes only seconds to compose and send. And, SMS for business works at any time anywhere even with second-generation cellular technology. It delivers wide-ranging and more reliable service than voice calls and emails.

SMS support gives companies greater leverage in customer service, sales and marketing. It ensures human intervention in business processes, which is required for FCC and TCPA compliance.

Banking & Finance

Agents guide and support mobile banking users in authenticating their identity via SMS. They send preformatted text messages and process the answers to security questions.

Agents send preformatted text messages to mobile users. While answers to survey questions are automatically recorded, the given information is checked for clarity and completion.

Agents provide customer support to mobile banking users through short code SMS. Short codes are used to generate info about user accounts while agents provide help through two-way text messaging.

Agents provide customer support to mobile banking customers who use E2EE apps. End-to-end encryption assures users of secure and private communications with the bank’s customer support.


Agents connect clients of investment and accounting firms with human financial advisors when they want advice on managing their portfolio. Clients get insightful responses through two-way SMS messaging.


Agents send alerts to and connect employees of investment and accounting firms with each other. Access to employees anywhere in the world is assured but regulated with respect to privacy.


Agents provide external SMS support for claims adjusters and underwriters. They send reminders to policyholders and answer inquiries and requests from the insured.

Agents provide internal SMS support for insurance agents, claims adjusters, examiners, clerks, and underwriters. They answer inquiries, relay messages, and send reminders for important appointments.

Agents send billing reminders and process insurance payments through SMS for policyholders. They serve as liaison between the insured and the insurance company.

Agents send cancellation and renewal notices through text messaging. They also help insurance clients in processing their cancellation requests and renewal payments.


Agents provide customer service through text-to-landline voicemail for both home phone and mobile phone users. They record audio clips of text messages and send them as voicemail to telecom subscribers.


Agents assist case managers and care management specialists in communicating with patients through SMS. They send reminders to and answer inquiries from patients.

Agents send text messages to patients to remind them about appointments with their doctor or dentist. Requests to cancel or reschedule are easily arranged.

Agents send SMS to patients to remind them of prescription refills, new medications, and dosage instructions. Patients are immediately informed of possible side effects and contraindications.


Agents provide customer support to visitors of ecommerce sites through SMS and web messaging apps. They answer questions about products, prices, shipping, and delivery.

Agents send promos and sale alerts to visitors of ecommerce sites who signed up to receive them. They send web and mobile push notifications and SMS via messaging apps.

Agents receive feedback, process requests for return and refund, and answer complaints from consumers of ecommerce sites. They work with site managers and shipping partners to resolve consumer issues.

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Effective hourly rate starts at $5.75 for a team of at least 5 agents.

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