Data Entry

Raw data is gathered through various data collection methods, and then processed and validated. Verified data is
coded or converted into machine readable form so that it can be processed through a computer. Digitize data in
printed form and make it understandable for further exploration and analysis.


Check out the following use cases.

Banking & Finance

Make sure your data is always accurate and updated. Outsource data entry work to a reputable vendor with access to a skilled labor pool.

Our agents can help you find debtors through skip tracing. They can do a phone and address search by looking through public data records and specialty databases for you.

Our agents can help you check records and verify information on your client’s debtors. So, you’ll have more time to collect on outstanding debts for your clients.

Our agents make use of skip tracing methods to find the person’s current phone number, email, or address for judgment debt brokers. They use online tools and publicly available resources.


Agents work with your accounts payable team. They review and verify information on vendor bills and invoices. Then, they input the data into a spreadsheet or database.


Agents work with the accounts receivable specialist. They review invoices and account statements. Then, they record and reconcile the information with payments made to your accounting department.

Agents work with your team in reviewing receipts, invoices, bills, and account statements. They enter data from these transactions into the general ledger and specific journals.


Agents make non-sales calls to prospects to gather information about their company. They verify the expiration date of the company’s current professional liability insurance.

Agents make sure the explanation of benefits and electronic payments made by clients each day are correctly encoded. They make field adjustment entries when necessary.

Agents work with veterinarians and veterinary technicians in encoding data for pet insurance claims. They enter salient data, such as pre-existing conditions and breed specific or hereditary conditions.

Agents assist insurance claims processors in making sure all data is valid and updated. They enter information about each claim and generate reports for claims examiners and adjusters.

Agents assist insurers in preparing data to be included in CLUE reports. Once reviewed and approved, these reports are submitted to LexisNexis. After that, they’re updated whenever necessary.


Agents work with customer service and IT staff. They gather all relevant customer data from various sources to create a complete profile of each subscriber.


Agents assist billing and collection specialists employed by hospitals, clinics, and dental offices. They perform online skip traces on patient information to help credit collectors.

Agents enter healthcare data into spreadsheets or software. They make sure patient information, such as medical history, prescriptions, and doctor appointments, is correct and updated.


Agents add and update inventory data to interface with a POS system and accounting software. They make sure correct product codes and prices are entered into a database.

Agents enter data about vendors or suppliers into spreadsheets or database system. That data may include the vendor’s contact information, goods to be received and inventoried, and invoices.

Agents keep track of all data about your shipping and logistics partners. That data may include contact details, orders processed and fulfilled, returns and refunds, and other relevant info.


Agents use software to mine data from various sources, such as databases, websites, and text files. Then, raw data is checked and cleansed of errors and duplicates.

Agents keep track of old and new information in a digital asset management system. They update records and ensure the codes are correct. They also clean up errors and duplicates.


Your agents examine order invoices from clients and enter supply order details into the Materials Management software.

Be sure that your data entry team process all service call reports and billable service call invoices prior to period closings.

Your data entry specialists manage the daily entry of customs, freight and logistics document reading (incoterms) into Electronic Data Interchange Systems.

Real Estate

Your data team will ensure flawless entry of all crucial information in proper format matching the established business specifications to ensure ease of access and usefulness in property negotiation.

We help you input, index, sort and categorize data from different parties involved in property leasing.

Your data team will cover enrichment of insurance forms’ administrative, monetary and contract associated information.

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