Data Enrichment

Prepare, process and enhance data to produce information that’s valuable to end-users in various sectors, namely

business, education, government, and medicine, among others. Add, remove or replace data that’s correct and

up-to-date for greater accuracy in data analysis and data processing.

Banking & Finance

Agents assist businesses and accounting firms in segmenting data sourced from financial transactions. They add or replace data, track changes, and extract new information to improve accuracy and manage risk.

Agents work with data analysts to ensure data collection and production adhere to quality standards. They inspect data quality based on recommended criteria and methods.

Agents assist data analysts of banks and investment firms in managing the quality of their data. Enrichment adds value to data analytics which improves accuracy and reduces risk.


Agents assist accountants and bookkeepers in maintaining error-free entries in their general and special journals. They perform quality assurance measures to improve accuracy and reduce risk.

Agents inspect receipts, invoices, orders, and journal entries to identify, segment, and label accounting data correctly. They can consolidate all data that may not be found in the financial system.


Agents add, change, and enrich data to ensure accuracy in adjusting and underwriting claims. They help minimize the risks for property and casualty insurance companies.

Agents add, change, and enrich data for commercial, marine, and aviation insurance providers. They ensure accuracy and minimize risks for casualty property and casualty insurance companies.

Agents label and group together relevant data, correct the errors, define the terms, and fill in missing information. They work closely with data analysts, underwriters, and claims processors.


Agents gather customer data from various sources and create a complete profile of subscribers. They add, change, and enrich data to ensure accuracy and improve customer service.


Agents update and fix data errors in EHR/EMR systems. They work with IT managers and technical support staff of hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities.

Agents enrich data in healthcare systems of managed care organizations. They work with the IT department of HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs, physician-hospital organizations, and practice management firms.

Data Enrichment of Dental Coverage Information Agents add, change, and enrich data for oral health care systems. They work with the IT staff and managers of dental offices and dental insurance providers.

Agents add, change, and enrich data to guarantee accuracy in adjusting and underwriting claims. They help minimize the risks for life and health insurance companies.

Agents classify and enrich data by filling in or replacing missing data from other sources of information. They help minimize errors in risk assessment and ensure accuracy in underwriting claims.

Agents inspect physicians’ notes, health records, and charts for partial and inexact entries. They fix misspelled or unclear medical terms and abbreviations. They make sure information is clear and precise.

Agents classify and organize healthcare data from various sources for clarity and accuracy. Then, they fill in or replace missing data based on other sources of information.


Agents collaborate with your market research team in gathering, manipulating and synthesizing data from various sources. These sources include retail scans, distributor sales, and customer surveys.

Agents work with your team in updating the product information on your website. They add, change or delete product data, such as SKUs, UPCs, descriptions, models, and sizes.

Agents help your team to manage and enrich data about your customers. Such data include billing and shipping addresses, credit card information, and purchase history.

Agents collect data and update your database of corporate information. The data may include names of contact persons, emails, phone and fax numbers, and companies.

Agents label images with keywords relevant to each image. This meta-information can be also added to videos, GIFs, and audio clips to improve data labeling and search.


Agents work with marketers and CRM managers in classifying business information into segments. They fill in the gaps in the segmented data sets by adding relevant information.

Agents work with marketers and CRM managers in classifying business information into segments. They fill in the gaps in the segmented data sets by adding relevant information.

Agents characterize visual data by tagging images and charts. They make use of data labeling and bounding box as tools to classify images for key business applications.

Real Estate

Your skip tracer agent is trained in scouring the web for digital footprints to validate as much data on properties, property owners and prospects.

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