Are you ready to join one of the fastest growing BPO companies in the world?

Fair Trade Outsourcing is looking for excellent communicators with competent technical skills to join our team!

Why Join Us?

Fair Trade Outsourcing provides sustainable, middle-class employment to skilled workers and gives them access to opportunities for social and economic growth. We focus on building our agents' capacity through a combination of learning and development programs and social impact programs.
Our culture places great value on work ownership and a high level of transparency and accountability among its employees. While we are keen to reward employees, who display excellence at work, we are not so keen in implementing policies that put the social and economic well-being of our agents at risk.
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Each job has a unique set of skills and years of experience required. However, every applicant is expected to pass the assessment tests: English proficiency, customer service, and computer skills. Preferred candidates must have the following qualities and capabilities:
• Customer service oriented.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Capable of multitasking and handling pressure.
• Willing to work on irregular and shifting schedules, including weekends and holidays.
• Must not have any disciplinary action taken against them either in their current job or in the past.
As a team leader or manager, you will be the contact point for everyone in your team or department. So, it's important that there's clarity and empathy in the way you communicate. Also, you're expected to be effective in reducing friction, resolving conflicts, and coaching or counselling your agents.
You should be able to act proactively to ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration among your team members and with other teams and departments. Ultimately, you should lead by setting a good example and engaging your team to achieve goals.
These are the essentials we're looking for in qualified candidates:

Managing client interactions effectively with the goal of improving business relationships. Accountability, managing expectations, value of work, giving feedback, and effective meetings.

Computer Skills

Efficient utilization of computers and related technology. Internet and email, word processing, spreadsheets, computer software and hardware, and computer operation.


Guarding customer satisfaction with a product or service. Understanding of customer service, its forms, and techniques.


Managing client interactions with the goal of improving business relationships. Data and reporting, expectations, commitment and trust.


Making reasoned judgments that are logical and well-thought out. Clarity of purpose, accuracy and relevance of information, assumptions and limitations and implications

Our unique learning management system enables agents to take on higher level work and progress in their lives.

Agents undergo a cycle of learning experiences and benchmark tests.
Learning is the first thing agents do upon entering the facility.