Provide your consumers with convenient access to shipment tracking and scheduling. Through seamless delivery of freight quotations to customer queries and parcel handling, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Check out the following use cases.

When customers reach out to track their shipment, your customer support agents will be there to provide location information and the assurance they need.

Whether quoting freight rates and transit times or scheduling a pickup, your customer support representatives can make the biggest impact to your customers being at the forefront of every engagement.Your customer support team will confidently manage all of the shipper’s inquiries in a pleasant way. Expect a quick, easy and reliable transaction.

Your sales development representatives can create qualified sales opportunities and set sales appointments with potential customers for logistics services. Let’s change this to the one above Lead Generation for Logistics SalesYour customer support agent can help your sales team by contributing a large volume of leads. They will market your services and increase your sales.

Your logistics support team focus on creating accurate freight invoices in prescribed formats online and reduce errors like duplicate or incorrect billing, incorrect freight rates and overcharges.

Efficient management of freight claims by your logistics support team can increase recoveries and retain your customers.

Your agents examine order invoices from clients and enter supply order details into the Materials Management software.

Be sure that your data entry team process all service call reports and billable service call invoices prior to period closings.

Your data entry specialists manage the daily entry of customs, freight and logistics document reading (incoterms) into Electronic Data Interchange Systems.

Your software development support team will help you design, build, maintain standards, patterns and upgrades in the delivery of logistics business technology enabled applications.

Your software development support team can perform code reviews and ensure code reusability and use of standards, patterns and best practices to drive consistency at every stage of the software development life cycle in the integration space; identify opportunities for refactoring code to enhance maintainability and reduce technical debt.

Your team of software developers will support in the build and maintenance phases of the software development life cycle; drive for a standardized, enterprise TMS solution that can scale with continued growth.

Your team of software developers will support in the build and maintenance phases of the software development life cycle; resolve recurring issues and develop long term enterprise WMS solution.

Your software development support team can assist in advanced tier application support to resolve problems and restore the ability to deliver service.

Your team of quality analysts will ensure adherence to data architecture and data quality principles and methodologies in the build and maintenance phases of the LS software development life cycle.

Quality analysts understand value drivers associated with your TMS and will perform testing as a quality check to ensure business and data quality requirements have been addressed in the solutions built.

Your team of quality support agents will align reported issues in the WMS support log with your development team and test built solutions prior to implementation.

Your quality analysts will collaborate with your development team for system maintenance and perform test for updates that resolve supply chain problems and restore service. They will capture metrics related to application and code batch performance for trending purposes.

All inquiries sent via email regarding logistics tracking shipment and shipping updates of parcels and freight will be handled professionally by a team of knowledgeable customer support.

An outsourced team will answer queries of your customers through chat regarding track an order, book a pickup, return an order, or get a shipping quote.

A team of customer support will handle your organization’s SMS task. They will update your customers about delivery schedules and order statuses.

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