Insurance firms process thousands of documents every day. Verify insurance claims for pensioners and policyholders, and settle them as quickly as possible. Check out these use cases to learn more.

Check out the following use cases.

Assure your customers of a transparent and speedy settlement of their insurance claims. Get an outsourced customer support team to help you innovate the insurance claims process.

Your customer support agents can answer FAQs about buying an insurance policy. They may also recommend the type of insurance based on the person’s age, background, and current needs.

Your customer support agents can generate and qualify leads for your sales team. They can also schedule them for an interview with one of your insurance sales agents.

Customer support agents can start a conversation with your insurance policyholders. They can talk to them about getting another policy or pay more for expanded coverage.

You can deliver superior customer service through an innovative claims management system. Outsource your customer support team to keep track of claims and speed up the settlement process.

Your customer support agents can track policy renewals for life, auto or health insurance. They can take care of the billing and payments for insurance renewals.

Give consumers the option to pay their insurance bill online, by phone, or through the mail. Your agents can provide support and guidance to your customers whenever they need it.

Agents work with your team in processing claim applications for various pension plans. They review supporting documents for accuracy. They also connect with claimants to guide them through the process.

Agents assist a claims processing team in managing a claims caseload. They process both Lost-Time and Medical-Only claims according to state and federal laws and provisions.

Back office support agents coordinate with the claims adjuster, insurance agent, and insured. They record routine claims, ensure they are coded correctly, and update client systems.

Agents guide and support end-users of claims management systems. These users include insurance claims processors and adjusters. Desktop support includes L1 and L2 tech support.

Agents make non-sales calls to prospects to gather information about their company. They verify the expiration date of the company’s current professional liability insurance.

Agents make sure the explanation of benefits and electronic payments made by clients each day are correctly encoded. They make field adjustment entries when necessary.

Agents work with veterinarians and veterinary technicians in encoding data for pet insurance claims. They enter salient data, such as pre-existing conditions and breed specific or hereditary conditions.

Agents assist insurance claims processors in making sure all data is valid and updated. They enter information about each claim and generate reports for claims examiners and adjusters.

Agents assist insurers in preparing data to be included in CLUE reports. Once reviewed and approved, these reports are submitted to LexisNexis. After that, they’re updated whenever necessary.

Agents add, change, and enrich data to ensure accuracy in adjusting and underwriting claims. They help minimize the risks for property and casualty insurance companies.

Agents add, change, and enrich data for commercial, marine, and aviation insurance providers. They ensure accuracy and minimize risks for casualty property and casualty insurance companies.

Agents label and group together relevant data, correct the errors, define the terms, and fill in missing information. They work closely with data analysts, underwriters, and claims processors.

Agents provide tech support to internal and external end-users of insurance agency management systems. They also provide IT support for both customized and out-of-the-box ERP software for insurance firms.

Software developers collaborate with IT managers and CIOs in creating automated solutions for insurance processes. They help scale your IT infrastructure and improve customer service at the same time.

Create test plans for the insurance system to audit issues and document functionality for seamless claims processing, data processing and creating reports.

Conducts tests, analyzes and documents issues, QA analysts work with the development team to fix these issues to ensure the quality of the commercial insurance system.

Quality support agents develop repeatable test cases for insurance commission software to assess its functionality. They make sure that the system adheres to the established standards.

QA team develop accurate and consistent software quality assurance documentation to the insurance commission software including test plans, test cases and execution of test cases.

A team of QA analysts will assist in the review and evaluation of claims processing software to ensure adherence to customer quality standards.

Agents transcribe interviews between the insured and the claims investigators of property and casualty insurance companies. Transcripts are used for examining and processing P & C insurance claims.

Agents transcribe interviews between the insured and the claims investigators of auto insurance companies. Transcripts are used for examining and processing car insurance claims.

Agents provide external SMS support for claims adjusters and underwriters. They send reminders to policyholders and answer inquiries and requests from the insured.

Agents provide internal SMS support for insurance agents, claims adjusters, examiners, clerks, and underwriters. They answer inquiries, relay messages, and send reminders for important appointments.

Agents send billing reminders and process insurance payments through SMS for policyholders. They serve as liaison between the insured and the insurance company.

Agents send cancellation and renewal notices through text messaging. They also help insurance clients in processing their cancellation requests and renewal payments.

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