Inbound Sales Support for Mortgage Lenders

Outsource your sales support to qualify as many leads as possible. As you cut the time it takes to find leads, you will close more mortgage transactions than before.

Your inbound team will be there to provide support to your sales team. Your mortgage specialists can get as many leads as possible sent to them. These leads may vary from first-time homeowners to clients looking to take out a second loan or refinance their mortgage. These homeowners will also need help in improving their FICO scores.

Your agents can help reduce the bottleneck in your sales team’s workload. They can qualify your team’s leads and immediately set them up for an appointment with your mortgage consultants.

So, by the time you meet your potential client, you’re confident that it will be a hop, skip, and a jump from discussing the terms of the mortgage to getting the contract signed.


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How It Works


Our folks can pretty much do anything as long as it requires a computer, an internet connection, and a brain. It’s just a matter of designing the workload and managing the hours well for greater efficiency and productivity.


Once we understand the work and skill sets needed, we’ll start putting together your team. Training can take anywhere from 5 days to 30 days depending on your team’s size and the complexity of their tasks.


You’ll have a dedicated account manager and our on-site operations manager on your side to help you optimize your workforce and scale your team as you see fit.