Identity Verification for FinTech Companies

The integration of technology into financial services have made digital identity authentication a necessary process in banking and finance. Streamline your ID verification process by outsourcing your video support.


One of the ways that banks make sure you indeed are who you say you are is facial ID recognition. It relies on advanced technology that can detect faces with greater depth. To combat fraud, the technology must be able to differentiate between a photo and a live human face.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an iPhone X.

Almost everyone owns a camera phone. So, a video call is the next best option for the identity verification process to work. You’ll need a set of eyes to verify there’s a real person behind the name and number.

For that, you’ll need a customer support team that can help verify a person’s identity using a video chat app or a video calling app.

The agent engages the customer on a live video chat. The customer is asked a series of questions that only he or she knows the answers to.  The agent may also need the customer to present a government-issued ID card as proof of his or her identity.

All these are necessary steps in adherence to the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering protocols. Rest assured, any identifiable information shared by customers will remain confidential.

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