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As you maximize your profits with us, you lift thousands of lives out of poverty.

Meet our agents who moved up the socioeconomic ladder because of their employment.

Humans of FTO: Cathy

QA Specialist Internetprenuer

Cathy Sobrejuanite

QA Specialist

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Gross Salary times
local poverty rate


Percent of Salary
used to help Family


Years of


Hours of Capacity
Building Completed

Proud Purchases

Her brother’s education (in a private school)

The senior high school tuition fees in a private school in the Philippines cost anywhere from 30,000 Php to 100,000 Php, depending on the school and the K12 strand chosen by the student.

Online Business

With tens of millions of internet users in the Philippines, online business has been booming. The leading product category is Electronics and Media with a market volume of US$270m in 2019 (Statista).

With the determination to help her family, Cathy worked in a hotel in Boracay soon after she got her bachelor’s degree. As a fresh graduate, she was excited to work and earn. But aside from being away from her family, the salary wasn’t enough to even support her own needs.

She came home and tried to work in different BPO companies in Iloilo. However, extreme stress and pressure made her quit.

She promised herself not to work anymore in a BPO company because of her traumatic experience. She was certain that she would not go back on her words.

Until one day, her partner’s best friend encouraged her to apply at Fair Trade OutsourcingTM. Their friend said FTO has a non-toxic environment, unlike the BPO companies she worked with, so Cathy overcame her fears and applied.

Now, Cathy has been with FTO for nearly two years.

Earning great compensation, she was able to send her brother to a private school. She promised her siblings they will always celebrate on their birthdays.

Cathy also helps her partner pay for his training fees and she makes sure she gives 30% of her salary to her family. She’s proud she was able to buy a washing machine for her mother. Her mom was really happy when she saw it.

With a salary that is higher than the minimum wage, Cathy was able to start a small business with only 300 pesos or around six dollars as startup capital.

At first, she sold her products to friends, friends of her friends, and other people she knew. Soon, her business grew and they were able to sell online. It helps that her business was able to gather more than 3,000 followers on Instagram (and still growing!).

Now, they have three resellers to help them cope with the rising demand. And, Cathy is delighted that she’s able to help them by giving them an opportunity to build their own business.

Also, Cathy and her family are planning another business which is raising free range chickens for their future restaurant. Cathy hopes to access FTO’s newest Microloan Program to get her business up and running.

Currently, Cathy is a part of the Quality Assurance team of FTO. She took the risk of applying for a new position and she got it. In her new role as QA Specialist, she always reminds her colleagues to get out of their comfort zone and discover the opportunities that lie ahead.

Cathy has been afraid once, and that’s the last she’ll let fear take over. She’s ready to face whatever challenges that come her way. She’s become stronger and always have a bright smile on her lips for the world’s many beautiful possibilities.

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