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Meet our agents who moved up the socioeconomic ladder because of their employment.

Jestony Zapanta

Workforce Officer

Gross Salary times
local poverty rate

Percent of Salary
Used to help Family

Years of

Hours of Capacity
Building Completed

Proud Purchases:

Motorcycle. A brand new motorcycle ranges from Php 30,000 to a hundred thousand. Filipinos invest in motorcycles to evade traffic and to control their time. Some people get a brand new motorcycle through loans and others prefer a second-hand motorcycle since it has a lower price.

Refrigerator. A refrigerator preserves food for a longer time, it stores ingredients and leftovers, helping a household save money than frequently buying food and rarely cooking at home. A brand new refrigerator starts from Php 10,000.

Humans of FTO: Jestony

Super Dad

He has a playful personality. He always cracks jokes and greets everyone cheerfully. But like everyone else’s, his life is not easy as it seems. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that pushes him to be dedicated at work.

After graduating from high school, Jestony worked in a construction firm where his work was painting school buildings. At a young age, he already had a paint roller in hand, for him to contribute to the family’s expenses.

When his painting job ended, he entered college. But due to financial needs, he stopped after the first semester. He then worked as a loan collector in a private company. He was collecting loan payables from small business owners. The risks of carrying a large amount of money terrified him every day.

In the year 2015, he decided to find another job. Through his brother's referral, he started his BPO journey and stayed in that company for three years. Then, he applied at Fair Trade Outsourcing. Finally, he knew he was home.

His journey at Fair Trade Outsourcing™ has been a long ride and he hasn't reached the end yet. Throughout his four years of employment at FTO, so far he has been on different accounts. He started as an agent in a non-voice account as a data entry worker. After that, he grabbed the opportunity of a higher-paying job in a seasonal account. When his seasonal job ended, he was hired as a customer service representative in a sales account.

Unfortunately, his father got sick and had to stop working. Jestoni took over the role of providing for the family. The company’s catastrophic fund, from which Jestoni received financial help, has significantly eased the burden of paying for his father’s medical bills. He didn't have to pay back the money because it wasn't a loan. Also, he added his father as an HMO dependent, and it made a huge impact on their finances as it covers his father’s dialysis treatment every week.

When FTO started the English Proficiency Learning and Development Program, which is a 15-day Directed English class for FTO employees who wanted to level-up their English skills, he signed up.

When asked why he enrolled, he said, “I aim to improve myself more in communication, so I can excel in different aspects where I can see myself grow.”

From that, you can feel that he wanted to improve himself. He wanted to improve his communication skills. He wanted to be qualified for a higher position with much higher pay. And he did. Now, Jestony is a Workforce Officer.

He added, “The programs that the company develops gave me a better view of my goals in life, knowing that with my current skill level, I am capable of doing more.”

Recently, he's a recipient of one of the company’s impact programs, a Zero-Interest Microloan for Business. Together with his mother and his wife, they plan to build a business selling pastries.