Customer Support for Online Payment Services

As an online payment provider, you’ll need a robust tech support team to make sure your customers’ online transactions remain smooth and secure.


Payment service providers like Paypal and Payoneer rely on their customer support team when there’s a problem. Their agents are at the forefront when a customer’s payment doesn’t go through. They are there when customers request for the cancellation of a subscription or when they request for a refund.

As a payment service provider, you may not have a large customer support team as Paypal. But, you have a huge desire to make your customers happy. That’s why you’re thinking of outsourcing the tech support job and adding more people to your team.

With more people working for you, the workload is easier to manage. Some of your customer support agents can handle customer complaints. Some of your agents can take care of identity verification for banks and merchants using your service.

They can do all these over the phone or through email or via a video call. Your customer support team can do a million other things for you!

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How It Works


Our folks can pretty much do anything as long as it requires a computer, an internet connection, and a brain. It’s just a matter of designing the workload and managing the hours well for greater efficiency and productivity.


Once we understand the work and skill sets needed, we’ll start putting together your team. Training can take anywhere from 5 days to 30 days depending on your team’s size and the complexity of their tasks.


You’ll have a dedicated account manager and our on-site operations manager on your side to help you optimize your workforce and scale your team as you see fit.