Consumer Support for Medical Billing and Payments

Make sure you and your clients get paid on time. At the same time, you can help consumers deal with medical debt in more reasonable and humane ways.


As medical costs continue to skyrocket, health care debt is a facet of life that nobody wants to have but have no choice. Every time a family member gets sick, the family budget becomes strained. Often, it pushes the family’s breadwinners into debt.

And, when an elderly relative has to be taken care of, the family’s medical expenses also pile up. The budget must now cover the costs of sending an elderly family member to a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

That’s why you’ll want to make sure your customers – whether they’re your patients or insurance clients – have the support they need to avoid incurring healthcare debt.

With an outsourced customer support team by your side, you can help your customers understand how medical billing works and how they can make payments to their insurance provider. Your team can also help them understand what their options are when it comes to medical debt relief.

Customer support for medical billing and coding is not the same as debt collection or debt recovery. Your agents are there to reduce the anxiety already felt by your customers, who may be dealing with a major illness or making a life-changing decision with a loved one.

Their job is to contact your customers and gently remind them of their upcoming dues. After that initial friendly reminder, a past due notice will also be sent regularly after 30, 60, and 90 days.

The purpose is to help ease the emotional burden your customers may be carrying. You’ll want to make sure they won’t face more pain when dealing with their finances.

With an outsourced customer support team by your side, you’re not only making sure you get paid. You’re also making sure your customers will have an easier time dealing with their medical billing and payments.


If you want to have your own high-performing customer support team, then click the button below to get started. Ask for more information on outsourcing the medical billing and payments for your company or organization. You may also contact us to schedule a meeting with our sales representative at your most convenient time.


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