Finally! Outsourcing that impacts your profits and keeps your people happy.

Fair Trade Outsourcing has been making strides in upending industry averages on agent performance from absenteeism and attrition rates to how long agents wanted to stay in the company. But what about its CLIENTS?

Clients want the same thing as agents - to experience growth and enjoy a fulfilling way of life. And, they achieved this through their partnership with Fair Trade Outsourcing.

Learn how Fair Trade Outsourcing's focus on the basic needs of its agents, the journey agents take while being employed at the company, and the progress they make in keeping their household economically healthy can make an impact not only on the agents but also on the clients and their businesses.

See for yourself how each of these companies benefited from Fair Trade Outsourcing. Download your copy now!

Download the whitepaper on the true attrition rates in the BPO industry.

Case Studies

Educational Support Case Study

A leading educational tech firm delivers fast, efficient service to educational institutions around the world through Fair Trade Outsourcing. They're able to provide a seamless experience for the students with no wait time.

Claims Content Services Management

A claims content services third-party administrator enhances their data entry and acquisition process through the expertise of data entry specialists from Fair Trade Outsourcing.

Online Retailer Customer Support

An online seller of heated apparel and cooling products is able to satisfy customers and improve their response time to questions and complaints. Their first contact resolution rate averages at 98% or more because of Fair Trade Outsourcing.

SMS Customer Support Case Study

An online marketplace for home improvement and moving services depends on SMS to keep contractors and service providers informed. Learn how Fair Trade Outsourcing has helped them stay compliant with TCPA regulations.

Graphic Design Proof Production

A global branding company is able to apply real-time improvements to design proofs and prepare them for production with the help of a team of graphic designers from Fair Trade Outsourcing.

Customer Engagement Case Study

A monthly subscription service provider relies on Fair Trade Outsourcing agents to resolve consumer issues and improve the company's relationship with their customers.

Loans Factoring Process Improvement

Discover how a small business loans provider was able to effectively increase their submissions of completed deals. They were able to cut down the completion time between deals when they decided to do that one thing for their agents.

Real Estate Appraisal Report Writing

A real estate appraiser doubles the number of reports submitted to realtors, banks, and mortgage lenders through the help of researchers and writers from Fair Trade Outsourcing.

Skill Assessment Is The Only Way

We assess our agent's level of proficiency in English and other core competencies and match it with your expectations.

This gives you assurance of the agent's capacity to achieve a level of mastery in their work.

English Proficiency

Computer Skills

Customer Service Experience

Client Management

Critical Thinking & IQ

Fair Trade Outsourcing invests in the capacity buiding of agents, while other companies just train and ignore skills and development

Our unique learning management system enables agents to take on higher level work and progress in their lives.

Agents undergo a cycle of learning experiences and benchmark tests. Learning is the first thing agents do upon entering the facility.