Why outsourcing with ethical BPO’s in Ghana and Philippines is life changing

Published by Kate Jeffrey on

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When you read the statistics on poverty levels in the Philippines and Ghana it is heart breaking. In both countries, millions of people live beneath the poverty line of $1.90 per day. As more and more American companies outsource to the Philippines, Ghana, India and Mexico, the question has to be asked: Are you making ethical business decisions?

The answer for most companies is yes and no. Yes, because they are creating jobs, and no as by the time they have paid the BPO who then is responsible for payment to employees in Ghana and the Philippines, these people remain at their station, simply working and trying to put some food on the table.

Outsourcing can be for ‘good’

When Fair Trade Outsourcing discovered the enormity of poverty in countries like Ghana, the Philippines and Mexico, Mike Dershowitz made a conscious decision. No longer would he accept that employees in these regions live in poverty. A change had to be made and it started with the basics: food, clean water, sanitisation basics, housing, education and health benefits. Something that all Americans can attain, yet for 26 million people in poverty in the Philippines and a further 11.3% of the population in Ghana is an impossible dream.

Mike’s championing of companies consciously ensuring that if they outsource to a third-world country, employees are paid fairly, with health benefits and education provided is being applauded around the world. He believes that American companies can not only save money outsourcing to Ghana, the Philippines and Mexico, but they can change lives. Change outcomes. Make a difference in the world that we live in.

Companies need to demand transparency

Key to ensuring that agents in contact centers and back-office employees are receiving fair salaries, health benefits and education is asking the question, seeing case studies and testimonials from staff that work for the BPO’s and doing check-ins.

While it is not necessary to know the profit lines of the BPO, it is important to clarify that healthcare is being provided and for the company to acknowledge in writing that they are paying their employees fairly. Education is a bonus, but as we all know, it is a key to getting people out of poverty.

Performance improves when organizations are employee focused

When Fair Trade Outsourcing changed the business model for contact centers and back-office operations in Ghana, the Philippines and Mexico, performance levels and customer experience levels improved dramatically.

Not only did the agents and employees feel appreciated and cared for, but they also saw that by working hard, they can develop their careers. By investing in education, ensuring that healthcare needs are met and providing fair remuneration, employees can focus their efforts on their jobs and dream of a brighter future.

Outsourcing your services to ethical BPO’s will create greater business opportunities and help support third-world countries. Many companies choose to outsource services in Ghana, the Philippines or Mexico to not only save money working with staff but to also make a real difference to change lives, create jobs and ensure employees are paid fairly, with health benefits and educational opportunities.