Why Hiring Filipino Call Center Agents Solves the Problem of a Transient Workforce

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Most Americans think a job at a call center is a dead-end job. Nothing can come out of it. No promotions. No growth.

But, for Filipinos, a job in a call center is more rewarding than doing odd jobs here and there or a job as a contractual worker for only five months. This is one of many reasons why businesses outsource to the Philippines rather than hire in-house staff or outsource to a local provider.

Check out those other reasons below and see which ones apply to your situation.

#1 A lot of Filipinos consider a call center job as a good start to building a career in outsourcing.

According to Payscale.com, more than half of call center workers are likely to have worked in the industry for one to four years. The majority of those are entry-level workers and many of them are probably fresh graduates.

Before they are allowed to work on the phones, new recruits undergo rigorous speech and cultural training. They’re expected to start hitting targets as soon as they finished training. Some companies give them room for mistakes in the first few weeks but expect their new employees to master the tasks given to them before they become regularized in their sixth month. By the time a new batch of employees has been working for the company for twelve months, a few of them will have been promoted to team leaders.

Many of those who have worked in call centers are also going to find work in other outsourced niches. These niches include animation, web design, online marketing, logistics and shipping, virtual assistance, online retail, and web content development. They either work for a company that provides outsourcing services for these niches or become freelancers who work on short-term projects for clients in these niches.

#2 Filipinos see a job in the IT-BPO industry as a better way to improve their economic situation.

Many of them think that a job in BPO or KPO is just a stepping stone towards improving their lot in life. Many Filipinos were able to finish college because a sibling or parent was working as a call center agent. Others were able to save up for a house and lot, a new car, or a dream vacation. As a result, Filipinos value their jobs in outsourcing companies.

It’s rare to hear stories like these from American workers. Several episodes of ‘Undercover Boss’ have highlighted model employees who struggled to make ends meet or save enough money to finally pursue their dreams. But, these are a small minority in a bigger pool of transient workers who think a job in customer service is the worst there is.

#3 Employees are considered the lifeblood of the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines.

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines know that their employees are the main reason why their clients chose to partner with them. Thus, it’s common for these companies to offer training and development to deserving employees. They’d rather invest in their employees instead of allowing them to be stuck in a job that offers zero opportunities to grow.

These opportunities are another reason why Filipinos clamor for a job in an outsourcing company. They will likely stay with their employer for many years because of that.

It takes little imagination to understand why companies prefer to hire Filipinos for outsourcing jobs. Not only are they hardworking, but they’re also loyal to their employers and they value their work more than Americans do in this industry.

They have a different mindset and attitude towards work that pays decent wages. To them, a job in outsourcing is not a dead-end job. They’ll surely find a way to improve themselves and their situation in life while working for the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines.