What Outsourcing Services Can Logistics Companies Take Advantage of?

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Why Outsource Logistics Processes to the Philippines

With the rise of delivery services, logistics companies have moved their processes from traditional operations to digital services that unquestionably offer convenience for both the customers and the business. Outsourcing has become a worthwhile option in the logistics industry. The advantages of logistics outsourcing include saving on operational costs, improving customer satisfaction, setting aside more resources on core operations, and so on.

Most logistics service providers deal with delivery, transportation, and warehousing. But aside from that, there are outsourcing services that additionally contribute to the operations, such as customer service, back-office support, supply chain management, bookkeeping and payroll, data entry, and marketing. Let’s explore what these services are and how logistics providers like your company can take advantage of these via logistics process outsourcing.

1. Customer Support

If you’ve been doing business for a while, you already knew that providing a positive customer experience was paramount. The logistics and supply chain industry needs its consumers happy and satisfied with their services in order to survive and grow. And, that puts customer support at a higher rank of priority in your operational concerns.

Customers expect their packages to be shipped and delivered on time. Thus, they will want to know when it’s been wrapped and sent from the warehouse to the shipper, and what time it will be delivered.

Sometimes, problems arise and you’ll need to reach out to your consumers to inform them that there’s been a mistake. In other cases, it is they who reach out to you to complain there’s been a mistake or to request for a refund-and-return.

Catering to customer queries  and how you respond to them are crucial for customer retention. Moreover, many customers prefer to call rather than chat or email, so it’s best to have customer support assigned to each channel.

Why outsource customer support for logistics services?

Logistics has a significant role within the supply chain management process. While a logistics company transports goods from one place to another, the transfer must go smoothly. Otherwise, a mistake can delay the operation which affects the efficiency of relevant services, such as the courier.

The entire process is quite complicated and seems time-bound. Thus, outsourcing the logistics process has been a cost-effective way to ensure business continuity and sometimes to eliminate inefficiencies within the supply chain.

2. Back Office Support

The bulk of a logistics operation lies in its back-office processes. These are jobs where the shipping company works in harmony with inventory and warehousing, accounting, sales, and delivery services, among other things.

A variety of logistics transactions, such as order fulfillment, billing and collections, and scheduling, rely on people using the latest technology in managing thousands of orders, inventories, and shipping and delivery schedules.

To maintain a continuous workflow, you’ll need a smart solution to back-office process management. That includes outsourcing the labor-intensive tasks to improve efficiency, ensure continuity of work, and reduce operational costs. These tasks include custom filing, invoice processing, transaction slips and reports, cargo tracking, and many more.

3. Data Entry

Among the many business processes that you can outsource, data entry perhaps takes the cake in demand for skilled labor. While there are options for smart technology, a team of data entry specialists adds accuracy, ensures quality of data, and assures you of human-centric information being shared between actors in your supply chain.

While your customer support agents take care of smoothing over issues with your consumers and your back-office support team handles the smooth flow of transactions between departments and destinations, you can trust your data entry team to manage your customers’ information as well as data your company owns and needs in your business operations.

Data entry is one of the frequently outsourced services. Logistics companies deal with massive amounts of data, bringing the data entry work in-house may not be enough.

Data entry services you can outsource include BOL data entry, generating invoices, freight bill processing, purchase order data entry, and many more. Data entry specialists inspect receipts, invoices, orders, and journal entries to identify, segment, and label data correctly. Also, they handle adding or updating product information, shipping and delivery information, and returns or refunds information. Additionally, they can help you convert data from a printed or visual form into digital information which is stored in spreadsheets or databases.

If you want to outsource customer support for your logistics business, our hardworking agents are trained to provide excellent customer support. You decide how many agents you want to hire based on your business needs.

We provide services such as customer service via phone, email, chat and text, file management, order tracking, outbound customer contact, return/exchange management, and internal software management. Talk to our experts if you wanted to start managing your supply chain effectively by outsourcing a support team for your business.

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