The reality of working with an outsourced team in the Philippines

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In today’s overworked, understaffed working environment, outsourcing has become the most potent option for enterprises in the U.S. to overcome industry challenges. Outsourcing services have quickly become popular for many large and mid-market businesses with no limitation on tasks, operating hours, and skills.

BPO services excel in helping businesses with back-office operations and customer services by providing a qualified team of professionals, with proficiency across various software applications and training programs. Additionally, outsourced teams have attention to detail and consistent accuracy which helps to ensure the customer experience is optimized, and data is recorded correctly.

Outsourced teams can seamlessly manage your businesses customer engagement, data entry, IT support, and back-office services. In recent years outsourcing to the Philippines has increased mainly owing to the community’s strong work ethic, cost-effective solutions, and culture. If your business is still adjusting to the idea of outsourcing services to the Philippines, here is a breakdown of the reality and significant benefits outsourcing can provide to your business.

Highly Skilled Workers

With the median age of a worker at 23, most of the workforce in the Philippines have a college-level education and can fluently speak and write in English. The level of skill, commitment, and quality of work is reflected in the services offered by the outsourcing industry. Contact centers in the Philippines have a strong talent pool of qualified Filipinos that are very transparent in their work, highly engaging, motivated, and dedicated to following strict international procedures and regulations.

Language Proficiency

Most outsourced services in the Philippines are contracted by Western countries like the U.S, where proficiency in English is paramount. However, contrary to popular belief, most Southeast Asian countries have locals that speak excellent English. Similarly, with English as their second native language, Filipinos speak fluently and are well recognized for quality communication, particularly in contact centers.

Dedication to the Job

In recent years, the Philippines has become the most sought-after country for outsourcing services, with the BPO sector as one of the fastest-growing industries in the region. Business owners have increased their investments in Filipino teams owing to their excellent work ethic, dedication to growing their careers, and service-oriented approach.

Reduced Errors

The BPO industry in the Philippines is a significant asset to any business’s growth. BPOs provides thousands of Filipinos with steady jobs and contribute to their local growing economy. By offering excellent working environments and incentives, employees are happily retained and motivated to work harder and drive better performance outcomes for customers.

In addition, a positive work environment encourages more accurate work and reduced errors due to greater attention to detail and determination to achieve better results. By working with employees that thoroughly review their work and minimize mistakes, your business can deliver an improved customer experience and enhance operational efficiency.

24/7 Availability

The outsourcing sector in the Philippines works round the clock offering clients 24/7 service ability. The workforce’s commitment to providing quality services makes it easier for U.S. companies to access their outsourcing needs in a time zone conducive to customer needs. If varying time zones cause concern for your business, you don’t have to worry as working with a Philippines office will help you seamlessly meet customer expectations and answer any queries at any time of the day while delivering frequent progress reports.

Customer Experience

With rich cultural compatibility, dedication, and excellent work ethic, the customer experience offered by outsourced Filipino teams ensure no chance for complaints or errors. Outsourcing to the Philippines means collaborating with a skilled team that provides a high-quality customer experience to you and your clients.

The Philippines is a powerhouse within the outsourcing industry, and it’s time to start investing in your business growth, overcome staff shortages and industry challenges, advance productivity, and improve processes while supporting the local Philippines community. At Fair Trade Outsourcing, we have three contact centers in the Philippines with specialized experts ready to help you optimize processes and drive better performance outcomes. Fair Trade Outsourcing’s commitment to quality outsourcing services empowers U.S. businesses to seamlessly conduct back-office, customer support and data entry services in a safe, reliable, and quality-focused environment.