Rethink Launches Win-A-Fridge Impact Program

Published by Fair Trade Outsourcing on

Photo courtesy of Mr. Paul Gonzaga, Director of Impact, Sales and Marketing Support, and Capacity Building (PH).

On August 19, Monday, Rethink-Fair Trade Outsourcing launched its newest impact program, Win-A-Fridge, which would raffle off a refrigerator every month to qualified employees. Based on their answers to a company survey, qualified agents are selected and their names are entered into the raffle. One lucky agent gets picked to win the coveted prize. The rest of the qualified employees will have their chance to win a fridge in the next raffle draw. Last night, the first winner of the Win-A-Fridge raffle was Ms. Analyn Atido, who took home a Haier two-door refrigerator measuring 6.6 cubic feet.

Win-A-Fridge is one of three social impact programs that Rethink has recently launched. The other two include Micro-loan for Business and Micro-loan for Private Transportation. These micro-lending programs provide beneficiaries with capital to invest either in a small business or in a motorcycle. If their household income allows it, an agent can become a beneficiary of both types of micro-loans.

Agents who want to earn more may pursue another path, which is upskilling or upleveling. They can learn a new skills, such as coding or web design, or they can improve their proficiency in English. Each of these career paths will surely lead them to higher-paying work. Also, our learning and development programs now include leadership. client management, and coaching classes.