How Real Estate Support Agents Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Many real estate appraisal tasks can be outsourced to your virtual staff in the Philippines. These tasks are not as profitable as the work that you do, but they’re just as important to help you run your business efficiently. Unlike an office assistant, your virtual staff doesn’t need to be there in your workplace to perform his or her duties. Here’s a list of ways you can make use of your real estate support staff even if they’re not in the same timezone as you are.

Your remote appraisal assistants can help you organize your work.

You’ve interviewed the client, taken photos, and researched the information you need to assess the property. But, your schedule is tight and you need someone to help you put everything in its place. Your appraisal assistants can be your man and girl Fridays to help you organize your files, and make sure all the information are there in your report.

Let your staff help you with data entry and other related tasks.

Putting in the correct information for your listings and ads on the web can be a tedious task. Let your appraisal support staff help you add or update your business information as well as the sales copy you’re using on your ads. If you’re also a licensed real estate agent, then you can have your support staff help you clean up redundant or old information found on your property listings.

Your virtual staff can help you with social media marketing.

It’s not just the administrative tasks that your appraisal support staff can accomplish. Give your staff the responsibility of writing blog posts, creating viral content for your social media accounts, and scheduling the posting of all kinds of content on social media.

Social media marketing is time-consuming work. In this age of smartphones and powerful gadgets, you can’t afford to ignore the power of social media to help you generate leads. You can have your staff do listing and lead research to help you get to know your clients better, and give you insight into what they need from you.

Make use of their skills and experience when you want to have a property looked at using Google Maps or Street View. You can find additional information about the area where the property is located by searching through forums, blogs, and other websites.

Your real estate support staff can also help you with customer service.

You can also ask your support team in the Philippines to help you answer the calls an emails from your clients after work hours or during the weekends. This frees up your time for other personal or professional pursuits. Want to learn a foreign language? Take a short course in sales and marketing? Pursue an MBA? Sure. You can do that because you’re not tied to your desk. Someone else is handling the menial tasks and leaving you to focus on expanding your real estate business.

Real estate support staff are trained as virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants who work as real estate support staff are expected to have technical, communications, and secretarial skills. They can write and speak English well. They are college-educated and capable of writing business documents and academic papers. They’re also adept in doing in-depth research and looking for information from traditional publications to authoritative resources available on the web.

Surely, they can help you in reducing your workload. But, make sure that the work you’re assigning to them follows USPAP guidelines for real estate appraisals.