PACE and FTO Partner to Bring You a Timely Webinar

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What do you do when there’s an ongoing lockdown happening in one of the cities where your company is operating and a client suddenly calls and wants you to increase their workforce to meet increasing demand from consumers? On one hand, you can’t say no to a great opportunity to scale up and grow your business. On the other hand, the lockdown has shut down most of the public transportation and made face-to-face interviews impossible. Moreover, procuring new PCs, office chairs, and tables is now difficult because most of the non-essential businesses, such as computer shops, have to cease their operations while quarantine rules are in effect.

That’s the kind of situation that Fair Trade Outsourcing (FTO) found itself in more than 6 months ago. It was during the early days of the pandemic when everyone was still adjusting to the drastic changes in their way of life. So, you can just imagine the difficulty of transforming the company’s daily operations to fit the needs of its employees and clients at a time when a lot of restrictions were being placed.
Yet, Fair Trade Outsourcing was able to overcome the challenges it faced. In just a couple of months, the company has established two more facilities in the Philippines to meet the demand for talent. In less than 6 months, it has opened a new center in Mexico.

The company’s growth amidst a crisis was remarkable! At that time, the goals seemed almost impossible to reach, but for the CEO and founder of Fair Trade Outsourcing, Mike Dershowitz, they were very much doable. His company was able to capture that opportunity to scale up because its executives, managers, and the rest of its employees were willing to work hard and accelerate several things they were already doing.

How Fair Trade Outsourcing successfully managed to overcome the challenges of a crisis will be the main topic of this webinar, which was organized by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement or PACE and would be presented by Mike Dershowitz himself. In this webinar, you’ll learn how his company’s business model has set a new standard for successful scalability and the positive impact it made on its employees and the community in general.

The webinar is open to PACE members and the general public.

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