How Does e-Commerce Outsourcing Work to Your Advantage?

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eCommerce companies are the ones who benefit most from outsourcing. Ranging from fulfillment and logistics support to customer support teams, e-commerce outsourcing helps in lightening the workload of regular employees while improving the overall performance of the production line and the sales and marketing department. It also provides small to medium-sized companies like yours the following advantages over your bigger competitors.

Cost-effective Technical Support

eCommerce companies are dependent on technology to run their business as smoothly as possible. Glitches in the system can cost them millions in lost revenue and probably millions more in decreased brand equity. For small to medium-sized companies, this can be a death knell for you.

That’s why having excellent tech support on your side contributes a lot to your bottom line. And, what better way to get that kind of quality service at a lower rate than to outsource? Many outsourcing companies already have technical expertise that’s at par or even better than any in-house team can provide.

Your outsourced IT staff can provide operations and tech support to your own team in the United States. Or… you can hire a complete tech support team that includes server and network administrators to monitor your server activity, manage your website’s back-end operations, and keep your customer’s data secure.

Reliable Data Management and Analytics

Many e-commerce companies already rely on the skills of freelance workers to help them with data entry and product information management. Partnering with a reputable outsourcing company that specializes in payments processing, verification, and data analytics offers a more secure and efficient way of managing your resources and fulfilling the needs of your customers.

The rising importance of big data in e-commerce has made data analysts more valuable to businesses like yours. It’s common to find a team of data engineers working in the outsourcing industry, and providing high-level analytical work to companies, not only in online retail but also in logistics and shipping, as well as in banking and finance.

Enhanced Digital Marketing Campaigns

The widespread acceptance of technology and the increasing use of social media to seek information about certain brands have made digital marketing an essential part of an e-commerce business. In addition to capturing the attention of a new generation of buyers, social media marketing also boosts in-store purchases from older generations of buyers because of the reviews and recommendations from people they trust.

And, what better way to improve your social media and online marketing campaigns than to outsource some of the tasks to your offshore staff? Every e-commerce outsourcing team has a writer, marketer, graphics designer, and project manager. Bigger teams have two or more of each role. Sometimes, they add specialists who focus on paid search and social media ads, and organic SEO to name a few. But, this just emphasizes your need to hire people with skills and experience in this field.

Enhanced Customer Experience Through Responsive Customer Service

Unresponsive customer service is why customers tend to break off from a brand, according to a report published in Upstream Commerce. In another study, nearly all online shoppers surveyed by iAdvize emphasized two factors to good customer service. Firstly, they expect to get good-quality answers. Secondly, they expect a speedy response. These studies both highlight the need for human interaction among online shoppers. And many e-commerce companies fulfill this need through outsourcing.

The added value that e-commerce companies get from assured continuity in their operations cannot be ignored. Outsourcing your customer support to knowledgeable e-commerce professionals can help alleviate many important issues. These issues include hiring more people to work at night or after business hours to answer calls and emails.

Aside from the calculated savings that you’ll enjoy from e-commerce outsourcing, you also have peace of mind. Rest assured your customers will be taken care of even when you and your core team are not around.