How dental groups are scaling fast with outsourcing services

Published by Kate Jeffrey on


In a dental clinic, the amount of work and detail that needs to be done can be insurmountable. Dentists and administrative staff are required to communicate with patients, make calls, conduct back-office duties, service customers and seamlessly manage records to ensure operations run smoothly and effectively. These daily tasks can be very time-consuming and are better managed by an experienced team. 

Many dental groups have realized the potential and significant benefits of outsourcing back-office and medical billing tasks offshore to the Philippines. Dental groups that outsource services have seen streamlined labor-intensive tasks, minimization of errors and facilitation of faster customer turnaround times. 

In recent years, the health industry has faced several challenges, including a shortage of qualified staff. With the opportunity to outsource back-office functions to the Philippines, dental groups can overcome this limitation and deliver a high-quality service that focuses on caring for patients. Here’s why your dental groups should outsource back-office services to the Philippines:

Gain Expert Skills

One of the advantages of outsourcing is the skills you can acquire. Whether it’s expertise in back-office services, customer support, data and record management, or medical billing and administration, it is easy to utilize specialist medical professionals in the Philippines to perform repetitive and back-office duties. This enables you to better use your in-house staff while attaining expert skills for back-office duties.

Enhanced Service Capabilities

Within a dental group, various non-clinical roles can be fulfilled offsite and performed remotely providing longer hours of service to customers. This can be beneficial when customers want to make inquiries or appointments outside of office hours, without having to go out of budget.

The Philippines provides a large talent pool of well-educated professionals with extensive training in specialized skill sets, especially catering to labor-intensive back-office tasks. 

Significant Cost Savings

Often the biggest reason for outsourcing comes down to a successful cost-saving strategy for a dental group. Outsourcing also allows you to provide a much better quality of treatment and care for all patients without letting external factors get in the way. Reduced labor costs in the Philippines means you can enhance your service capabilities while saving up to 70% in labor costs. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to focus on growing your client list and increasing profits.

Minimized Back-Office Errors

Outsourcing back-office tasks to the Philippines delivers a remarkable decrease in mistakes and human errors. Often busy in-house staff see back-office tasks as a burden. 

As a result, contact centers in the Philippines have nearly faultless processes and KPIs in place to ensure every back-office task is seamlessly completed on-time with accuracy. Business process outsourcing (BPO) set up standards and targets, compensates based on performance for reducing data entry and medical billing errors and implements a thorough process control with internal quality teams. Outsourcing back-office services to the Philippines is an effective solution to ensure accurate and reliable record management and back-office functions.

Change is always met with resistance, but in today’s environment – change is a necessity for businesses to thrive. Employers should be ready to take bold steps, to implement new working models in a short span of time, to change policies, and to do their best to support their employees when faced with a new challenge. Business agility is the need of the hour, and employers who understand that can not only overcome challenges, they can also build better employer brands that people aspire to work for.

Greater Business Opportunities & Support

Outsourcing services to the Philippines allows you to collaborate with medical professionals and creates job opportunities for both your dental group and the Philippines community. BPOs in the Philippines have been found to generate 1.3 million direct jobs. In addition, the industry also helped generate 4.08 million indirect jobs. It also promotes rural development, creating 280,000 jobs in 23 provinces.

If you outsource back-office functions, you’re supporting the Philippines community while leveraging your business opportunities to optimize processes, save labor costs, and enhance your business’s level of customer service.

Improve Customer’s First Impressions

As the common phrase says, ‘a missed call is a missed opportunity’. In the health industry, you cannot afford to miss a call, especially if an individual’s health is at risk and requires immediate dental assistance or attention. 

By working with an outsourced and offshore team to support your customers and input data records, you can answer virtually all service calls. Additionally, you will never miss out on assisting existing customers or acquiring new customers. Contact centers in the Philippines can work around the clock to meet your business requirements and optimize patient convenience.

While there is a misconception that outsourcing can be expensive, the consequences of a team that is unable to complete critical tasks or provide the appropriate patient care can have a much larger impact on your practice. A dental group’s priority is patient care, which means back-office tasks can accumulate and affect your overall service quality. By outsourcing back-office tasks and medical billing to the Philippines, your dental group can operate more efficiently and achieve optimal results.