Fair Trade Outsourcing Doubles Iloilo City Capacity

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Fair Trade Outsourcing Opens New Production Floor in Iloilo City

IN PHOTO: Mr. Winston Santos (left) and Mr. Mike Dershowitz (right) were at the event to cut the ribbon and welcome everyone to the company’s newest production area. In the background were the employees and guests of Fair Trade Outsourcing. The photo was taken by Johnry Favila of the Learning and Development Team.

On October 2, 2019, Fair Trade Outsourcing, which was formerly known as Rethink Staffing, held a blessing ceremony for its second production area on the third floor of One Lorton Building on Ledesma Street, Iloilo City.

The company’s CEO, Mike Dershowitz, and One Lorton’s property owner, Mr. Winston Santos, cut the ribbon after the celebrant, Pastor Melchor Pamolino Jr., led the group through a heartfelt prayer of thanks. Afterward, the group trooped to the pantry for an enjoyable feast provided by Sky Kitchen Catering Services.

The whole third floor of One Lorton Building has been refurbished to fit the needs of the company’s biggest accounts. It boasts of a large workspace divided into dedicated production areas with their own biometric access points. There’s a conference room with floor-to-ceiling windows, wall-to-wall carpeting, a widescreen TV, and CCTV for remote viewing.

The third floor also has a training room equipped with a widescreen TV, a larger pantry with a small kitchen, bunk beds in the quiet area, and a highly secure IT room.

Fair Trade Outsourcing has recently changed its branding strategy to match its mission and vision statements. Fair Trade Outsourcing, as a corporate philosophy, was developed by Mike Dershowitz, an experienced entrepreneur who fights poverty through moral leadership and the power of the free market.