Desktop Management Tasks You Can Outsource to a Fair Trade Call Center

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A company without an in-house IT team may choose to outsource their desktop management needs to a support team either nearshore or offshore.Desktop management support is a special branch of outsourcing where technical assistance at the application or OS software level or the computing hardware level is provide from a remote location.

For small to medium-sized companies, this kind of tech support means there will always be a technically proficient employee who can help their customers at any time of day or night. But, what are the types of desktop management tasks that a company like yours can outsource to a fair trade call center?

#1 Front line communication with customers regarding an app or electronic product.

Whether your product is the newest smartphone, tablet or laptop, or the trendiest app, you’ll always be in need of front-facing support staff who will assist you in answering calls, emails and messages from end-users. Customer support is an essential part of desktop management, and it can be outsourced to a team of well-trained professionals who can do the job even while you sleep.

#2 Device-related troubleshooting and problem resolution during installation and configuration of software.

While most questions from end-users can be answered by scanning through the manual or FAQs, there are some instances where end-users will need one-on-one interaction with someone knowledgeable about the device, software, or mobile app. This is where a tech support team comes in to put your consumers at ease and help them figure out what to do.

#3 Incident management from filing and processing of reports to finishing up the queued tasks.

Your desktop support agents can assist in processing the incident reports and managing the task queues for your team. Incident and task management has been easier for support teams because of intelligent software. The hybridization of human and AI is a key component in desktop management.

#4 Information management from data entry, cleansing and updating to technical analysis and reporting.

While some basic data entry tasks can be easily done by bots, there are many tasks that require a human agent interacting with the customer or extracting meaning from data. This is where a desktop management support team comes in to handle the heavy lifting for you. Many customers looking to update or validate their personal data will certainly need help from a human representative.

#5 Network monitoring and internal system maintenance.

One of the more technical tasks in this category include level 1 and 2 tech support for desktop and light server management. Tech support agents are trained in network monitoring, system maintenance, software and hardware troubleshooting, and other advanced skills. Basically, they’re more like computer technicians who do their work remotely instead of visiting your home or dropping by your office to fix the problem.

All of these desktop management tasks can be done from a remote location. When repairs are necessary, the support team can always get in touch with on-call technicians and request for on-site assistance.

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