3 Types of Text Messaging Services for Business You Can Outsource

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Text messaging for business plays an essential role not only in communication but also in sales and marketing. And, it’s useful in other niches, too. Text messaging services are vital in health care, especially during emergencies. They also play an important role in the hospitality industry, such as when booking a hotel room or reserving a dinner table for two for a date. Let’s further explore these kinds of text messaging services for business, and how advantageous it can be for companies to outsource them to human agents rather than use software for automation.

#1 Business text messaging for communication within the organization.

The most common reason for a company to use a text messaging service is for internal communications. Many companies use SMS to communicate with workers in the field. A dedicated text messaging service provides data security and reliability to companies that provide a variety of services, such as installations and repairs, construction, residential and commercial cleaning, and pest control.

Why outsource business SMS support for internal communications? Generic messages can’t be sent to all kinds of service providers. These messages will need to have information that’s specific to the customer and the service being provided.

When a generic SMS notification is sent to a team of HVAC cleaners, for instance, it will always include the customer’s name, location, date and time, and the number of HVAC equipment to be cleaned. But the message will also need important info, such as whether the homeowner prefers green cleaning products or not, or who among the household members have allergic reactions to chemicals commonly found in cleaning products. Information like these will help HVAC cleaners do their job well without putting somebody else’s health at risk.

#2 Text messaging support for hospitals, clinics, and related services in healthcare.

The average response time for SMS is only 90 seconds, which is like a blink of an eye compared to the average response time for emails, which ranges from fewer than 60 minutes to an hour and a half. Teens and young adults tend to respond to texts within 20 minutes while people over 50 tend to take an average of 47 minutes to reply.

These stats are of utmost importance to healthcare professionals. Delays and errors in communication with patients and fellow workers in the medical field may have deadly consequences. This is why SMS support for healthcare providers, including hospitals and clinics, will need human intervention for AI-enabled text messaging services. Agents with the right medical training and experience can bring invaluable insight into a life or death situation.

#3 Text messaging support for service providers in the hospitality industry.

Hotels and restaurants benefit a lot from outsourcing SMS support to a third-party service provider. It’s true reservations and bookings can be easily done through a mobile app, a website, or a phone call. But, equally important information for customers, such as reminders to confirm or alerts to promotional events, is best delivered through text messaging. In case customers would like more information or have additional questions, customer support representatives can respond to texts from hotel guests and restaurant patrons.

Service providers may outsource SMS support for TCPA compliance. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the use of automatic dialing systems, pre-recorded messages, and automated SMS messaging software are strictly limited. That’s why outsourcing SMS support gives businesses an edge. It can even be a safety net for companies that need to reach more people in a short time and at a cost that’s profitable for them.