3 Reasons to Outsource Graphic Design for Your Promotional Products Campaign

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3 Reasons to Outsource Graphic Design for Your Promotional Products Campaign

Whether you are a growing retail business or an insurance company with a hundred employees, if you want to stay competitive and relevant, you may want to outsource the graphic design work for your promotional products campaign. The work doesn’t have to be so specialized that no other graphic designer can replicate it; otherwise, the production costs can skyrocket and time-to-market can delay your plans of launching a successful sales and marketing campaign.

So, why outsource? Here are three basic reasons why outsourcing your graphic design needs can benefit your company, and indirectly, you and your employees.

1. Graphic design work for promotional products must be scalable.

The usefulness of products, like an insulated tumbler or a hoodie, holds value in the minds of consumers. Giving them out as freebies or as consolation prizes is a great way to promote one’s brand. However, their usefulness is also the reason why they remain in high demand for many companies.

Creating a batch of promotional products requires some creative skill and excellent planning. A company sponsoring a summer event may want only t-shirts, arm bands, and caps produced with their logo on them, but come winter, the type of products can change as well as the number to be produced.

When the number of products need to be scaled up or down and when the type of materials on which the logo is placed change as the seasons and circumstances change, then you’ll need a graphic design team that can move with the flow. This is what it means to provide scalable work while maintaining the same quality of design day after day, season by season.

2. Good quality branding must display flawless design work.

Good product design, along with quality customer service. helps bolster a company’s image.

Consistent design elements, such as color and shapes, help people recall your brand easily. Add a warm voice and a helpful attitude, so people will closely identify your brand with a nurturing personality.

It has been proven that people vividly remember images more than information acquired through other types of sensory stimulation. There’s research that showed even after a year, 63% of participants can still remember the content of 2,500 pictures after poring over them for only 10 seconds.

However, there’s a caveat to a successful brand strategy. Mistakes can ruin a brand’s image. And sloppy work creates a bad impression of your brand. That’s why repeated cycles of quality checking and revisions are important to the design process. When managed well, a satisfied piece of work is produced after a small number of revisions.

3. Excellent graphics for your promotional products adds credibility to your branding strategy.

Visual communication has a more tangible feel for your audience than sound bytes. And, this adds a layer of sophistication and credibility to your company’s reputation.

Branding for your promotional products campaign requires meticulous implementation of your guidelines and design that adds to your brand value. Images produced are designed to evoke an emotional response, and this requires careful thought.

Humans are visual creatures, and understanding how this works can give you a powerful edge over competitors. That’s why graphic design is essential to your business, and outsourcing to a graphic design team gives you access to world-class talent at a lower cost.

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