Bill of rights

Creating A Better Workspace

At Fair Trade Outsourcing, we have invested in our teams with fair salaries, health insurance and other essentials that empower a better life. While your business can benefit form efficient back-office services, and data entry and enrichment services, you can also support our agents to realize their potential and feel safe and valued at work.

Our business model for contact centers and back-office operations in Ghana, the Philippines and Mexico ensures employees feel appreciated and cared for. We invest in education, and our employees' healthcare needs so they can focus their efforts on their jobs and dream of a brighterr future.

Our Agents Bill of Rights

We are one of the fastest BPOs in the U.S. due to our dedication and commitment to our employees. Our Agent Bill of Rights and passion to reduce poverty are driving a positive impact on our agents' lives, their families and communities. We are inspiring and developing a pool of middle-class wage earners and a new generation of capital owners that have the capabilities to change the world for the better and make a real difference where it matters most.

  • 1

    You will have an opportunity to succeed elsewhere in the company if we lose a client, with layoffs as a last resort.

  • 2

    You and your family will have access to programs that promote your health and wellness, including healthcare coverage.

  • 3

    You will have access to programs that fuel your success.

  • 4

    Your job movement and advancement will be encouraged and supported.

  • 5

    Your managers will treat you fairly, respect and appreciate you.

  • 6

    You will be safe from violence, threats and bullying at work.

  • 7

    You will be protected against racism and discrimination.

  • 8

    You will never have to lie for the company.

  • 9

    You will be accepted for who you are and where you are from.

  • 10

    You will be part of a supportive and inclusive community.