Back-Office Support

Complete back-office transaction support for all kinds of businesses. Tasks can be done on multiple platforms to fill the gaps in operations and ensure business continuity. Get a team to dispose of issues swiftly.


Check out the following use cases. Take advantage of a managed workforce whose absenteeism and attrition rates are 10 times lower than the industry average.

Banking & Finance

Operations support agents work closely with IRA/HSA specialists. They process individual retirement and health savings accounts. They also provide customer service to internal and external bank customers.

Back office support agents work closely with merchants, consumers, and your team members. They process credit card chargebacks and help resolve disputes that arise from reversals.

Operations support agents work closely with your team in reviewing the quality of mortgage and consumer loans. They perform account maintenance and process loan payoff requests.


Operations support agents work closely with your accounting department. They help reconcile vendor statements to open AP entries. They also help verify invoice information and categorize unidentified invoices.

Agents bill, record, and report all outstanding debts. They send dunning notices and demand letters. They perform skip tracing, make phone calls, and work with third-party collection agencies.


Agents work with your team in processing claim applications for various pension plans. They review supporting documents for accuracy. They connect with claimants to guide them through the process.

Agents assist a claims processing team in managing a claims caseload. They process both Lost-Time and Medical-Only claims according to state and federal laws and provisions.

Back office support agents coordinate with the claims adjuster, insurance agent, and insured. They record routine claims, ensure they are coded correctly, and update client systems.


Agents work closely with the operations team of a concierge healthcare provider. They schedule appointments and communicate with patients via phone, text, and email.

Agents work closely with the dental or medical office staff. They schedule appointments, perform data entry, and answer calls and emails on behalf of the health care providers.

Agents work closely with nursing assistants at a long-term care facility or an assisted living center. They manage medical records, receive calls, and schedule visits to patients.

Agents coordinate with medical administrative assistants in hospitals and clinics. They schedule appointments and process insurance forms. They also compile medical records and charts for the hospital administration staff.

Agents coordinate with pharmacists and drug store clerks. They ensure all prescriptions are recorded and assigned for processing. They also receive calls and route them as appropriate.


Agents work closely with warehouse management and inventory clerks at your store. They help in updating your inventory database and processing orders for new stock.

Agents work with your team in updating your online product catalog. They verify details, such as SKUs and UPCs, and make sure the image matches the product description.

Agents assist your team in processing vendor payments. They keep track of your accounts payable and verify payments to suppliers – wherever they are in the world.

Web Development

Agents work with your social media marketing team. They create and manage your company’s social media profiles. They also respond to direct messages and comments on your page.

Agents work with your website design and development team. They create web content, such as blog posts and articles to be distributed for building backlinks to your site.

Graphic Design

Your graphic design production artists can interpret instructions furnished in written, oral or diagram form to create effective designs in a variety formats for different projects.

Your web graphic designers can develop site graphics, layout and detailed mockups that effectively communicate interaction and website design ideas.

Your graphic artists can do a wide range of photo editing work ranging from clipping path, vector conversion, to photo retouching – with utmost attention to detail and reliable turnaround.

Real Estate

Your leasing administrators coordinate with current tenants about inspection times, scheduled maintenance and entry notices. They also coordinate with property managers and even order sign boards.

Lease renewal agents will help you generate documents for lease renewal checked for accuracy and chase tenants via phone, email or sms to return the documents on time.

Your arrears administrator can help you chase tenants for arrears and educate them about rent cycles and due dates. They can also generate legal documents when rent arrears are not paid after a set period and ratify with the property manager.

Leasing administrators can help you manage lease and maintain quality compliance including laws and penalties associated with smoke detectors and blind cords.

Your support agents manage contact and property files in your property management system and emails clients regarding property managers’ information.

Let your support agents coordinate maintenance requests, schedule, access arrangements, work orders and notices between your tenants and contractors.

Non – Profits

Your support agent will help you effectively manage requests from vendors while maintaining consistency with standard process, keeping costs within budget, following delivery timelines and resolving issues.

Get a message team to craft compelling messages that are easy to remember and repeat, and moving stories of your initiatives that you can use to inspire your prospects to take action.

Your support agents can help you manage donor/member information and donations, send acknowledgement emails, track activities and manage subscriptions.

Your support agents can help you confirm receipt of publication, membership kit or merchandise sent to members or donors and resolve issues that may arise.

Free your management from crunching numbers and let your support agents with accounting expertise help you with bookkeeping, financial and tax reporting requirements so you can focus on fulfilling the mission.

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