Annual Meeting 2020: Inclusive Growth

Published by Claire Ponsaran on October 18, 2020

We each have a part to play in Greater Philadelphia’s inclusive recovery, join us to make a difference. Each year at this time, the Chamber’s community of regional professionals and civic leaders gather to share in a vision for the coming year at the Chamber. This year we will rally Read more…

The True and Only Purpose of Business

The True and Only Purpose of Business

This is what someone with a zero-sum mentality would think about business people. If someone is gaining, then someone else is losing. If someone is getting rich, somebody else is getting poor. It’s very good and evil, light versus darkness. Very binary, very polarized.

It’s quite inaccurate, however, and so far from reality. Most businesses are not playing a win-lose game. They’re playing a win-win-win game.

They’re creating value all the time. They’re creating value not just for their investors. They’re creating value for their customers; otherwise, they don’t make profits. They can’t create value for their customers if they’re not also creating value for their employees. They have to work with suppliers in order to have the products and services to sell. So, they’re creating value for those suppliers.