Why Outsource to the Philippines: The Path to Successful Offshoring

Published by Mike Dershowitz on June 6, 2016

Economy, culture, education, and accessibility combine to make the Philippines one of the most exciting emerging stages for the outsourcing market. Comparable to and in fact often outstripping its Western competitors in terms of labor and cost efficiency, the Philippines provides an ideal environment for BPOs. 1. An Abundance of Read more…

Impact Sourcing Outsourcing with a Social Impact

Impact Sourcing: Outsourcing with a Social Impact

Socially responsible outsourcing offers access to decent-paying jobs and skills development for millions of qualified people, many of whom who might not otherwise be employed, or would have been working “dead-end” jobs. Socially responsible outsourcing improves the economic outlook of the individuals employed, as well as the communities where they live. Impact Sourcing is a powerful tool to open opportunities for a wider range of people and reduce global poverty.